For the Record...On Hannity and Bush

Because of comments I have made in recent blogs, I received some questions about where I stand politically.

I've been asked specifically about my references to President Bush and to Sean Hannity. I am an avid supporter of the President. As a matter of fact, I'm happy to say that I was part of the 96-Hour Task Force in Colorado for the last election. There is no question he is the man for the job right now. I agree with David Frum (author of The Right Man) that George W Bush is the man of the hour for our nation and for the world. I shudder at the thought of Al Gore or John Kerry at the helm in this critical time in our country. I thank God for George W Bush.

I am also a big fan of Sean Hannity. Actually, I am a regular caller to his radio show. I agree with Sean probably 95% of the time. He is a delight to listen to and to talk with. I love his passion, his patriotism, his love for God, for his family and for people in general. A man's gifting and talent is no measure of his character. In this case, though, Sean continually proves himself to be a man of honesty, integrity and compassion. He may not be right all the time--in my humble opinion :)-- but he's a good man.

I say all that to say that I am absolutely a supporter of these men. However, above any identification or loyalty to them, I am a Christian and a conservative. My conservatism, however, finds its basis in Christian principles of government, not necessarily in the views of today's icons of conservatism and not in the Republican party.

I, therefore, will not hesitate to address issues with people I generally support. In fact, I believe that if we're truly supportive of the people and the ideas we believe in, we must be the first offer solutions to problems in our camp. That is why I have written about the potentially compromising photo ops and the misjudgment of the Aruba case.

In the same way I appreciate and welcome a friend notifying me of a piece of spinach between my teeth, I love it when people confidently raise questions with much bigger issues with my ideology or my lifestyle. I welcome it. We all should.

If we don't, we're doomed to remain the same. God forbid!


At 7/02/2005 02:46:00 PM, Anonymous Clayton Bell said...

Wow, Loris...listening to you, I do feel like more of a woman..

Just stopping by to say hi, keep up the strong work.


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