For Such a Time As This

It was called the most critical election of our time. It was of the most vicious political battles in recent history. Both parties acted like everything was at stake. Why?

Was it the different viewpoints of the war in Iraq? We were inundated by commentary and analysis from military generals and political pundits. For most people, the more they talked, the more confusing it became. The confusion was so great that John Kerry voted for and against the same bill ("I voted for the $87 billion…before I voted against it.") Poor guy.

Seriously, though, as much air time as the war on terror rightly received, what we all know what motivated the base on both sides was one issue: Who would appoint the next Supreme Court Justices, and thereby determine the course of the nation?

That, my friends, is why many of us voted for President Bush. Just as I was comforted that it was Bush who was in office on September 11, I am so thankful for this moment.

The Constitution gives the President the right and the responsibility of appointing Supreme Court Justices. The Senate has the job of giving advise and consent. If you read closely, you'll find that the Senate is actually not obligated to threaten, harass, manipulate the President. Believe it or not, Senator Ted Kennedy actually does not have the right to dictate who he deems to be an appropriate nominee. The President's job is to nominate a qualified candidate of his choice, not one who will "bring the country together." Justices are appointed and not elected in order to be unaffected by public opinion. Their job is to simply apply the constitution to the cases before the Court, not to appease or bring people together.

If the President had been elected by a very slim margin, there would remain no question about his authority to select the person of his choice to sit on the Court. This President received more votes than any other in our history. He has the mandate from the people to do this job. Honestly, if I represent any of his base at all, I am watching to make sure he doesn't cave in to the tactics of the Left. I voted to President Bush so that he would appoint men and women to restore order in this runaway Court. I want Justices who will quote the constitution, not international law. I want Justices who will apply the constitution, not redefine it.

The President stands in a critical moment. I believe this moment is as important for him as was September 11. He was born for such a time as this.

Join me in contacting the White House to encourage President Bush to nominate a Supreme Court justice who will uphold the Constitution, not legislate from the bench.

White House comment line: (202) 456-1111. E-Mail: president@whitehouse.gov


At 7/06/2005 07:47:00 PM, Blogger Mary Lane said...

I've emailed President Bush! Woo! it was exciting. Thanks for your encouragement to write...


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