True Compassion

He has become one of my favorite news commentators. He is passionate but not partisan. He is conservative but not condescending. He is fair and is not compelled to be balanced. He has experience on Capitol Hill but doesn't wear it as a medal. He deals with the facts and is quick to criticize or to commend Democrat and Republican alike. He is Joe Scarborough.

I watched his show, Scarborough Country, tonight. And, as often happens when listening to him, I was impressed by his passionate challenge to his viewers regarding Katrina relief. Joe told one story after another of government agents turning down, sending back and mishandling materials and supplies sent for victims in the affected region. These were first-hand accounts. One Katrina survivor who was interviewed echoed Joe's sentiment: "We got more help from our neighbor than we did from FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)."

Joe's exhortation was similar to one Hugh Hewitt continues to encourage: give to local churches and organizations. Give to people who can physically get the goods into the hands of those who need it. It saddened me to hear about the sad state of our "emergency management agents" who would rather the people in their "care" suffer than give credit for the relief to someone else.

The other day I joked with a friend about her inability to be a good politician because of her overwhelming passion for truth and for people. While I'm encouraged to someone like Joe Scarborough, who is so committed to the truth and to the people, in the media, I wish there were people like him at every level of our government. I wish there were a man, like him, in the position of mayor. I wish a woman like him, moved by passion for the people and with a fortitude to lead, as governor. And, yes, how I wish that all those on the federal level--FEMA Director, Homeland Security Director and even the President--had been motivated likewise.

I don't say that to say that they all had selfish motives or any mal-intent. However, what went wrong (that could have been helped) was communication, coordination and some level of taking ownership for the people.

True compassion takes action.


At 9/13/2005 07:44:00 PM, Blogger The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I like Joe Scarborough, but haven't tuned in as often as I could.

I believe President Bush took responsibility today; although I think the problems were widespread and no one person could have done anything to predict how breakdowns would have occurred. The federal response wasn't any slower than it has been in previous hurricanes. And the volume of support had been vast.

At 9/14/2005 03:12:00 AM, Blogger Mark said...

That is news to me. I never watch Scarborough. Imus likes him and that scares me.

At 9/14/2005 05:29:00 AM, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

I sent my brother your blog address. I'm hoping he becomes a regular reader.

I'd like to see Nagin and Blanco do as the President did today. It would be the right thing to do, and a way for all parties involved to come together with the goal of making the system much better.

At 9/14/2005 05:58:00 AM, Blogger Lores Rizkalla said...

wordsmith and jaime: yes, i was very glad to see Bush take responsibility. And, yes, I'd like to see Blanco and Nagin own up to their part.

jaime: i'd love to have your brother join us here. let me know if he does.

mark: scarborough is not guilty by association. he is no imus. i think you'd like him.

At 9/14/2005 10:03:00 AM, Blogger mlwhitt said...

Will have to listen to Scarborough, never have, but if you like him Lorres, that's enough for me to give him a chance.


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